Why LaraOne Rocks!

An open-source modern component-based CMS for Blogs, Portfolios and Company websites. It allows you to quickly build any kind of website from scratch and modify the content with ease, with no coding required on your part. More advanced web application are possible as well, due to LaraOne being built with modern frameworks Laravel and VueJs.

Open Source

LaraOne is an open-source project released under a permissive MIT license. Are you a skilled developer? Missing some features? Fork it and add your custom solution. If it's good enough for the main repo make a pull request and the core team will consider merging it for everyone's benefit. Become a regular contributor and make the name for your self.

Great Authoring Experience

You will love the Content Editor and amazing content authoring experience.  Just like the Matrix, you'll have to see it for your self, a screenshot and words are not enough to describe it. Craft content using Markdown, Text, Image, Video and Slider and many other content-based components directly in the editor.

Design Superpowers

Build any kind of advanced layout by using layout components like Containers, Sections, Columns, Tabs, and craft responsive designs that look great on both desktop and mobile. Impress the world with your design skills. Design advanced stuff in less time then it would take a professional web developer to code it by hand.

Themes & Theme Customization

Themes are supported and we've built 3 premium themes to get you started. Customize the look, the feel, fonts, colors, layouts easily by using built-in Theme Customizer. If you are a web developer and know how to code, put your own themes together. Theme's we've built are released under MIT license to get you started building your own themes.

Widgets and Widget Editor

To author the widgets and their settings Widget Editor is provided, an editor that shows you a preview of how the widget will look once rendered on the frontend. You can literary design and style widgets just as you do with regular content blocks in the Content Editor.