The Idea and the Long Term Goal for LaraOne CMS

The idea to build a component-based CMS came to me in 2016 while I was experimenting with the Laravel framework. I've spent most of the 2016 building two Laravel based web applications so I could master Laravel better. These two projects were personal projects. One was an image hosting application (something just like, with complete Admin Area and a full set of features public-facing side of, had at the time) and the second one was a simple CMS for my own needs.

Having built this simpler custom CMS in 2016, gave me the idea and also inspiration to build a better, modern and component-based CMS. So in 2017 without hesitation, I started from scratch the development on a new CMS, the CMS that I would end up calling LaraOne. Development started on Bitbucket since they had free private repos at the time.

In the summer of 2019, I decided to take it to Github and make it public, however with a custom license that gave me more rights over the code. In March 2020 LaraOne became a fully open source project by switching from a custom license to MIT license. I believe I've made the right decision.

Over the 3 years that have passed, I have put in 6000+ hours into the project and bit of money as well to get a helping hand when I had too much client work to take care of and could not alone move the development of the CMS with the speed I desired to go with.

The idea behind the project is simple:

Using modern and rapid development frameworks like Laravel and VueJS build an awesome, easy to use modern CMS, make it component-based so that any kind of website with simple or more advanced layouts could be built directly from the CMS by almost anyone; without requiring advanced coding skills. On top of all that make it look good, with awesome UI and great UX for end-users of the CMS.