The Idea and the Long Term Goal for LaraOne CMS

The idea to build a component-based CMS came to me in 2016 while I was experimenting with the Laravel framework. I've spent most of the 2016 building two Laravel based web applications so I could master Laravel better. These two projects were personal projects. One was an image hosting application (something just like, with complete Admin Area and a full set of features public-facing side of, had at the time) and the second one was a simple CMS for my own needs.

Having built this simpler custom CMS in 2016, gave me the idea and also inspiration to build a better, modern and component-based CMS. So in 2017 without hesitation, I started from scratch the development on a new CMS, the CMS that I would end up calling LaraOne. Development started on Bitbucket since they had free private repos at the time.

In the summer of 2019, I decided to take it to Github and make it public, however with a custom license that gave me more rights over the code. In March 2020 LaraOne became a fully open source project by switching from a custom license to MIT license. I believe I've made the right decision.

Over the 3 years that have passed, I have put in 6000+ hours into the project and bit of money as well to get a helping hand when I had too much client work to take care of and could not alone move the development of the CMS with the speed I desired to go with.

Going with MIT License

It took a while but I've settled on the MIT license for the CMS.  If you have questions feel free to get in touch

I'm grateful to Taylor Otwell for Laravel, Jeffrey Way for Laracasts and Evan You the creator of VueJS for their hard work and making LaraOne CMS possible through my hard work and dedication for the last 3 years.

If you are developer experienced with VueJs and Laravel and would like to join forces with me to take this open-source CMS to the next level and make a name for your self get in touch.

Say hello to LaraOne

The idea to build a modern CMS with great UX and UI came to me in October 2016. I could not start working on it directly, but I held the idea strongly in my mind and started the project early in 2017. I had a single vision in my mind of building the most user-friendly CMS, with great UI and UX, with world-class content authoring experience that could compete with anything out there. In the fall same year, I've also started my own company offering services in advanced web application development. To be able to sustain my self as I continued building the CMS this was something I decided I had to do. It's not been an easy 3 years, but I had an absolute blast working on the CMS so far and plan to continue to develop it for many years to come.