CMS for Websites

Create Beautiful Websites

Amazing MIT licensed CMS for Blogs, Portfolios and Company websites. LaraOne allows you to quickly build any kind of website from scratch and modify the content with ease all with no coding required on your part. More advanced web application are possible as well, due to LaraOne being built with modern frameworks Laravel and VueJs. Sky is the limit!

Modern CMS

LaraOne is a modern component-based CMS built on top of modern php and javascript frameworks Laravel and VueJs. Built with end-user in mind but also friendly to developers enabling to work more rapidly than ever before.

Seo Friendly

LaraOne is SEO friendly CMS great at producing human-readable URLs that search engines love to consume. Both Site-Wide and Per-Page metadata are supported out of the box for all your SEO needs.

Built for Speed

Designed for speed. Craft a beautiful website that will run fast on both desktop and mobiles thanks to our Server Rendering Technology and being powered by an extremely fast and optimized Laravel framework.

Customizable Content Blocks

Smart customizable content blocks. Do it your way, design any kind of layout using customizable layout blocks. Easily create content with any kind of layout with a growing library of content blocks. 

Beautiful Content Editor

Visual Content Editor offers amazing authoring experience that allows anyone to build any kind of advanced layout without coding. Editor was built for the ease of use with end-users in mind. 

Server-Side Rendering

All content blocks are rendered Server-Side for speed and SEO optimization. No complicated NodeJs setup is required in the background for server rendering, all content blocks are rendered with PHP.

Themes & Customization

Update colors, header, footer, menu look and feel, change fonts, add social media links, change layouts and much more with Theme Customizer. LaraOne comes with 3 premium themes for free.

Widgets & Widget Editor

Attach widgets to sidebars, headers, footers, etc. Use easy to use widget editor to manage the widgets. Add, remove, update, style and customize the widget blocks. It's all there ready for use.

Media Managment

Elegant image management is included. Easily upload tons of images by dragging and dropping them onto the upload area. Easily update image metadata like alt text, caption, etc.

Content Types

Pages and Posts are supported. Simple custom content types are possible to define without coding. With coding skills, you can add pretty much anything more advanced.


Taxonomies are supported and can be added per Content-Type. Out of the box Categories and Tags are provided for Posts content type.


Easily manage who has access to what, which features they can access by assigning permissions and roles for each user.